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Have you been in an accident or fender bender?  In need of collision repair to your vehicle? 
Auto Collision Center is here for you. 

Your first step...a FREE estimate.

Simply bring your vehicle to either of our two Fort Wayne locations Monday – Friday 7AM to 5:30PM.

We'll promptly provide you with a free estimate, and we'll work with your insurance company and handle all the paperwork!

Any questions, please call us at 260-436-4366 


The Process
The Auto Collision Service Process 

1. FREE Estimate

We look at the damage and determine parts and labor for repair. We send the estimate to the insurance company.

2. Approval
Your insurance company reviews the estimate and if necessary negotiations on price and procedures are made at this stage.

3. Parts

The parts needed to repair your car are ordered.

4. Dis-assembly

The part of your car involved in the accident is inspected and all parts are removed.

5. Straighten

If necessary, your car's frame is straightened back to manufacturer specs.

6. Bodywork

Repair and/or replace all damaged exterior  body panels, align all necessary parts, and prep for painting.

7. Paint

Primer, paint, and clear coats are put on the car/car parts.

8. Reassembly

Everything that was taken apart is now put back together and tested to ensure everything works properly.

9. Vehicle Pickup

Your car is returned to you in the same state as it was before the accident.



They made my car whole again.

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